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The Pearls from Ed Kless
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Just finished a great session with Ed Kless of Sage Software. Ed is a Corporate Iconoclast and the Senior Director of Partner Development and Strategy for Sage.


Ed is one of the greats! Great thinker and great speaker. He talked about the art form of economics and the "creation of value". He is always full of "quotables". Here is my Ed Listfrom this training session at the ITA Spring Conference.


Entrepreneurs continue the work of Creation.


There is no good way to implement a bad idea.


Value is subjective – it is what the “receiver says it is”.


Trade/exchange creates value.


Profit is never a purpose of an organization, it is a result.


70% of the worlds knowledge cannot be measured, it is knowledge. If there is a financial collapse Coke will not forget what their formula is. Our knowledge has the value.


We do not lose sales to “no decision” we lose to a boat or a vacation or whatever else they do with the money.


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