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The HRMS 2016 New Feature I Love
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by: Cathey Pangborn

After seeing the sneak preview of the new HRMS 2016 that is being released in the very near future, I was very impressed with the new features that have been added. It was very hard to narrow it down to just one item to spotlight but I choose the improvement between HRMS and ESS.

In this version, Sage has improved the consistency, branding, and ease of use between HRMS and ESS. The new user interface has been updated to match within both products and menus have been simplified. Field labels have been changed so they are consistent between both HRMS and ESS, example manager and supervisor.

One of my favorite new features is the new “Spoof Access” in ESS. In early versions of ESS, there has never been the ability to log into ESS as someone (such as an employee that is having an issue). This made it difficult at times for HR staff to assist their employees with issues. In HRMS 2016 users with administrative roles will have the ability to log into ESS as an employee to see the issue through their employee’s eyes. I can’t wait for the release of HRMS 2016.

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