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By:  Sheri Blaho

Cloud, Cloud,Cloud.  If you are not in the cloud, you are missing the party.  

I find it amazing how many businesses we talk to these days that are still apprehensive about moving their business software to a cloud solution.  Ironically, the most sensitive of data, payroll (along with associated social security numbers) has been resident in the cloud for years.  Originating as an outsourced model, businesses readily transferred data about their company to payroll processing firms.  Then as remote access became available and affordable, those same payroll processing firms granted access to allow their customers access to the payroll data directly.

Remote hosting of entire IT operations has been happening for years.  Rather than buying and housing hardware, you simply "renedt" a space from a managed services group and they took care of everything for you, giving your firm tools to access your systems.

Microsoft's model for "rented" software is a smash.  Office 365 allows you to run Outlook, Word, Excel from their remote software.  And your email is ALL stored in the cloud.

So come on all you ERP shoppers, now is the time to consider the same for your accounting and distribution needs as well.  What is in it for you?  Simple, no hardware to maintain, no system software to keep current, no responsibility for backups, anywhere/anytime access, and security that a single firm could NEVER afford to put in place.

So now we are back to the real question at hand.  "Does the functionality of the software meet my business needs?"  If the answer is yes, then the solution also being resident in the cloud makes it a no-brainer decision.  

For all these reasons CS3 was so delighted when we added Acumatica to our portfolio.  This software solution allows our clients to use a tool set that allows take control of your business and play to your strengths.  Check out this sneak preview video on Acumatica.

For more information on the Cloud, you should read this whitepaper by Scott Kroh.  

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