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The Cloud Series: The History
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The Cloud Series
by: Scott Kroh

I can still remember about four years ago when Microsoft began promoting this thing called “the cloud” through a series of television commercials. Microsoft was promoting one of the core benefits of this thing called the cloud and cloud computing – mobility. Why is mobility important? Without it, we could not access files, entertain ourselves, or do many of the things we do today with our tablets, laptops, and mobile devices as long as we have an internet or data connection. But before we dive into why businesses and individuals should utilize the cloud, let’s take a look at what the cloud is and the different forms it comes in. 

You might not realize that the history of cloud computing actually goes back to the 1950's. Personal computers, servers, and local networks didn't exist. Mainframe computers were only owned and used by the government, education, and corporations. Information could not escape the mainframe. Telecommunication companies used "the cloud" concept to refer to the "point" between the service provider and the user. 

Today, you will find data centers accessed via the Internet. The cloud has truly become mobile, allowing users to access their files as long as they have an internet connection or data. We now have two main models to use for business and consumer users - these are the Private and Public Clouds, which the next blog post will cover! 

This blog series is taken from Scott's whitepaper. Click Here to read the entire paper.

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