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The Cloud Series: Infrastructure as a Service
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The Cloud Series 

by: Scott Kroh

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Hardware = Infrastructure. Servers, computers, switches and firewalls. These are the “backbone” of today’s business networks and each has a substantial cost associated with them. A great performing network is a must regardless of whether you are a start up with ten employees or a hundred year old insurance company with 10,000 employees. So what is IaaS and why would a company move to this service model?

IaaS is when a company contracts with a data center service provider as opposed to purchasing and maintaining their own network hardware and servers. These solution providers utilize “best in class” hardware, have great Internet bandwidth, maintain robust security measures and typically provide uptime guarantees. What this means is a company that has a limited IT budget and/or resources can now contract with such a solution provider to benefit from the equivalent of a fortune 500 infrastructure.

For example, a company needs a new accounting software package and CRM solution. They have no internal IT staff, need to upgrade their operating system and realize that their very old servers do not meet system requirements for their new software solutions. They do some research, locate a local provider and determine that they need to contract with them for two virtual servers. They are able to move all their business applications, operating systems and shared files with backup into this service model for a single monthly fee.

A move to this cloud service model means that a business can often eliminated or reduce hardware costs, increased uptime, give remote access to employees, increase data security and provide a measurable return on investment.

This blog series is taken from Scott's whitepaper. Click Here to read the entire paper.

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