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The Car Died, The Kid is Fine
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By: Sheri Blaho


My 24 year old son recently crashed his new car, having never made a payment (yes it was THAT new).  The insurance company totaled the car.  It was a terrifying day with that dreaded call from the hospital.  Fortunately, although the car did not survive, my son was fine....only minor stuff.


I had been diagnosed with a severe case of bronchitis just a few days before the accident.  So I was bouncing back and forth between work and the hospital while still trying to catch enough rest to nurse myself back to health and be prepared for my son's release from the hospital.


After bursting into tears at my return visit for my bronchitis, my doctor was so comforting and caring.  She gave me a super-duper breathing treatment right then and a shot in the rear as a "kick start" to get me up on my feet. She gave me a prescription and sent me on my way.


By the time my son was released, I was rockin' and rollin'.


I share this story with you, because that is also what happened to me today  I got a "shot in the rear" today at a luncheon meeting at the Summit Club.  "How so?", you ask. 


Simple, Alan Faulk, a Leadership Performance Coach, shared the art of story telling.  Alan's coaching  was just the booster shot my storytelling skills needed.


Alan gave us Three Points for Great Storytelling:

    1.  Define a Challenge

    2.  Describe the Struggle

    3.  Share the Resolution


Alan also says use your day to day "away from work" experiences to allow your audience to fully engage with you.  Then relate your story to the point of your meeting, presentation, article, or negotiation.


So you be the judge....did my opening story engage you?   If you have read this far....SUCCESS!  This was my first try using Alan's tips!  I am going to have Alan give me and my co-workers some more follow on prescription, so to speak.  Yes, I think he is that good.


You can contact Alan Faulk at alan.faulk@phoenix.eduif you want to learn more about the coaching, seminars and work-sessions he can provide to you and your firm. 



And remember, our monthly meetings for   American Marketing Association - Tulsaare the 3rd Thursday of every month with speakers that are consistently this awesome.  Email me and I will take you as my guest!  sblaho@cs3technology.comOnly one free meal per month, so first come, first serve!



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