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Test Your Backups!
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Backups can save your business, but only if they work right. Sometimes, they don’t. Here are a few problems that we have seen lately: •SQL server database backup systems were failing every night and writing errors to the log. The logs weren't’t monitored and an alerting system wasn't’t established to notify someone of the problem. The problem was not discovered until the backup was needed. Oops! •Backups ran every night without error and someone was actually checking. Everything seemed to be correct. Unfortunately, when a restoration was needed, the backup files were found to be unreadable. The media had failed. •We installed a new system. We recommended that the new database be included in the nightly backup scheme. The external IT support staff was contacted to set up the backup jobs. When they went to add the new database, they found that the backup systems had not been working for some time. All too often, backup problems are not found until the backup files are needed. Obviously, this is the wrong time to be finding you have a problem. You can never trust that everything is being backed up UNLESS you test to ensure the data can be restored. You have to test this stuff! Testing is one of the easiest things to overlook or push down the priority list. Regardless of whose responsibility it is to run and monitor backups, it is your data. So, you accountants and HR professionals, take ownership and work with your IT staff to schedule and periodically test your backups with a restoration. This is an easy thing to put off but potentially fatal to your career and company if backups are not available for restoration when the worst happens. Backup strategies are part of a larger disaster recovery plan. Does your company have a plan for what happens if the place burns down? Are backups being stored off site? Are all the backups stored next to the server? Toasted server, toasted backups, toasted job, and toasted company! Plan and practice. Prove that it works. Schedule a test today. Review the plan tomorrow. Take the responsibility and safeguard your data. Darrell Scott Sr. Application Consultant

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