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TAHRA July 2015 Meeting
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by: John Burke

At the July program meeting for the Tulsa Area Human Resources Association (TAHRA), featured guest speaker Kevin Ames spoke to the essential role recognition plays in establishing a culture of appreciation. With insights from extensive global research, Kevin discussed the importance of engagement and its impact on results. With a keen understanding of three essential ways to appreciate great work and their associated best practices, leaders are empowered to align appreciation to drive their organization's culture, values, and objectives.

At this program I learned to identify what employee engagement actually means, and understand its proper role in an organization's success cycle, discover ways to appreciate great work, the key role managers play in employee recognition, and best practices for delivering meaningful, purposeful moments of recognition.

With a mission to instill in others a passion for personal and professional excellence, Kevin Ames is one of the highest ranked speakers at the Evanta Leadership Summits. He's spoken to thousands of people and leadership groups at conferences and companies such as National Grid, Dow Chemical, Frito Lay, Bose, Miller Thompson, Pier 1, Kennedy Health, and more. An expert in the areas of workplace culture, engagement, great work, team building, leadership, and personal development, his presentations have been called, "dynamic, insightful, clear, honest, and informative."

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