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Success Strategies for Self Pay
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MGMA Monthly Meeting - Tulsa Oklahoma


The Eastern Oklahoma Medical Group Management Association’s April 16, 2014 meeting featured guest speaker Lisa McQueen of Athena Health, Inc. Lisa is a healthcare professional who has 25 + years of experience dealing with revenue cycle improvement. The topic of her presentation was, “Success Strategies for Self Pay”.


She shared how more and more patients will be self-pay. The questions she posed to the attending practice managers was, “Is your practice prepared to handle this?”. Meaning what are your strategies for self-pay?


Lisa went on to reference and spoke to the Athena Health Whitepaper published on March 2011 titled, “Getting More from Self-Pay: 7 Tips for Improving Patient Payments”. The tips are as follows…

1.Develop and communicate a self-pay policy to patients

2.Alert your patients about self-pay collection balances and obligations

3.Make self-pay collection an integral part of your practice workflow

4.Collect what your owed on the spot

5.Consider policies and measures to encourage prompt and full payment

6.Follow up on self-pay obligations early and often

7.After you’ve done all you can, employ a collection agency


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