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Have you seen us out and about? 

Every month, Sheri makes sure to let you know where we'll be during the wrap-up of our monthly user group meetings, and we also make sure you're updated through our social media channels. This week, we're effectively taking over the 2018 Oklahoma MGMA Annual Conference. We're giving five presentations over two days! 

Bruno Teles was the Keynote speaker. The title of his presentation was "Your Business Ecosystem." All six main areas of a business must be equally strong for your practice to thrive. They each impact your company's ecosystem. They include leadership, human capital, operations, sales and marketing, finance, and systems and processes. 
Shawn Slavin spoke about the six KPI's that will turn your costs into gold. For years, medical practice groups have held a revenue-centric focus for practice management. Shawn's focus is on six ways to drive profitability in your practice.
Holly Novak and our millennials gave their presentation about relating to multiple generations in the workforce. This is a great panel discussion that includes three millennials who all answer questions surrounding leading and connecting with different generations. (We've also given this presentation for the Oklahoma Society of CPA's and at our own monthly user group meeting.)
Bruno's second presentation was about setting the tone of your business from the top through leadership. The vision for growth and success begins at the top and flows down. 
Rhonda Siex gave a great presentation called, "Recruit, Retain, Release." Hiring the right employees is crucial. Releasing an employee who is no longer a good fit is just as important. When do you make those decisions? Rhonda focused on giving you the steps it takes to find the best new hires and how to retain them. 

If you want to see a list of all our speakers available to talk to your group, check out the Speakers Bureau!

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