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Software or Process - What Really Controls Your Inventory
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By: Sheri Blaho


Over the next few days I want to lay out some questions that I think every distributor should consider.  We sell and install what I know to be GREAT software tools for the distribution environment.  However, our challenges during an implementation are RARELY to do with software, but rather process and procedure.   Too many firms lack a broad understanding of crucial elements or key performance indicators in their business.  So when it comes time to implement software they don't know how to best leverage the tools they have purchased.


Our job at CS3, is of course, not to just bring the software to the table (the easy part) but also awareness.  That is the challenging part of any implementation.  How to get awareness by staff and management of changes in business practices that will result in the greatest improvement.  Knowing what improvements need to be made mean the client has an awareness (based in statistical facts) of their current condition.


Hang on for the 7 Questions Every Distributor Should be Able to Answer!

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