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Social Media Philosophy - A way of life at American Airlines
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The guest speaker at today's American Marketing Association luncheon was Jonathan Pierce. He is the Director of Social Media Communications at American Airlines. Jonathon shared the great successes American Airlines is having with their social media.....and it is not just by accident. Jonathan and his team of twenty operate 24x7! The result: incredible growth in followers on nine social media channels yielding Brand Sentiment up 24% over 2012.


Jonathan gave us the inside scoop how they are accomplishing these great feats. They embrace the value of social media as the way to develop a personal relationship with each of their customers. It is a philosophy for them, not just a group of tasks.


They respond to all customers within 15 minutes! They embrace both complaints and compliments. Showing resolution to problems in this public forum can generate great positive PR. Therefore, he recommends that you amplify both good and bad stories.


They also know that social media can augment Marketing, Reputation Management, Human Resources, Customer Service, IT and of course Operations. So all their initiatives and communications consider a holistic approach, Jonathan's group is not an island, rather the hub for communications. All new marketing strategies fully integrate social media, not just an afterthought as it was years ago.


Of course, you must come to the next American Marketing Association, Tulsa Chapter meeting to hear great speakers like Jonathan. I would like to take you as my guest! Give me a buzz.

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