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The guest speaker at today's American Marketing Association luncheon was Stephanie Heckenkemper. She is the president of Heckenkemper, Social Media Management & Consulting. These meetings are always full of great information and Stephanie did not disappoint the audience! Navigating social media can feel overwhelming. So her first word of advice is to lay out a year long plan of the communications you might include. Do the obvious first: what will you want to share on holidays, what are key dates/events in your organization you don't want to miss. She gave a great example of "minor" holidays you should consider. If you are, for example, a disaster restoration company, what would you want to communicate during National Fire Prevention Week? She suggests, for the novice, a tool called HootSuitethat allows you to easily manage posts to various social networks and track the effectiveness with some simple analytics. If you are looking to grow your business, I think Stephanie would be a great business partner. Of course, you must come to one of the American Marketing Association, Tulsa Chapter meetings to hear these speakers yourself. I would like to take you as my guest! Give me a buzz.

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