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Sneak Preview of Sage Time and Attendance
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By:  Sheri Blaho


I work with dozens of firms each month that are evaluating the effectiveness of their HR and Payroll departments.  They are looking for ways to operate more effectively with the desire to save money.  Investing in software tools and modifying business processes are usually at the top of list as the solution.


Almost ALWAYS, the implementation of Time and Attendance software yields the highest return with hard dollar savings and staff time savings.  The areas that show the biggest improvement are:

Controlling overtime with rules that don't allow early punch in

Controlling costs with automatic notifications of approaching overtime

Stopping "buddy punching" on time cards

Automatic transfer of time collection to payroll

Online tools for managers to track employee attendance


Take a few minutes to check out this sneak preview demo on Sage Time and Attendance,  This was done by Mike Madden who  is the Master of Time, Space and Dimension.....and knows everything about this product.





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