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Sneak Preview of Sage Cyber Train
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By: Sheri Blaho


Sage HRMS (and Abra) offers such a broad variety of products, from Hire to Retire, for the entire HR and Payroll process.  One area that is too frequently overlooked is the management of training and classes.  Sage's portfolio actually includes two Train Module's.  The first, is a product that is more HR and manager facing and is simply called Sage Train and has been part of the Sage offerings for years.


The next step up is the tool known as Sage Cyber Train, a web based product. This module is designed for the firm that wants to track information but also wants to provide a single portal for employees, managers and HR staff.  Employees can review the past and future training, launch on-line classes and enroll on this site.  Managers can review all employee records, tracking grades and progress.  HR staff can design curriculums, track expenses, and log certifications and achievements.


Check our this CS3 Sneak Preview demo   to see how it works.  I think you will really be impressed.



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