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Smoke Detector for Your Business - Sage Automated Alerting
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By:  Sheri Blaho

A customer just placed an order for $50,000.  A check request was initiated in excess of company limits.  Five employees will be having their 10 year anniversary this month.  Critical certifications are about to expire.  Someone just deleted a transaction.

These are just a few examples of information you need to know about... NOW....without having to run a report.  Sage Alerts and Workflow gives you immediate notification on crucial information. 

It is really a fairly simple concept, that Sage has wrapped up with an eloquent delivery.  Any information that exists inside your Sage product can be monitored.  That is correct - Sage HR, Payroll, Benefit Enrollment, Cyber Train can be watched for critical decision points.  Sage 100 and Sage 500 General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Sales Order are just waiting for an alert.  In fact, any module, any data element can be tracked.

Sage Alerts ships with dozens of predefined alerts  - the common ones.  Then through a Rules Definition Screen you can create your own alerts that might be unique to your industry or business process.  The alert can do several things:
    Send an email, tweet or text message to one or more people
    Create a report that is sent to appropriate staff
    Execute a SQL trigger

To hear a bit more about Sage Alerts check out this Tips and Tricks videoby Darrell Scott.

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