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by: Sheri Blaho

Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency is a very active client of CS3. They recently engaged us to assist them with the migration of their old Abra Suite product to the new Sage HRMS SQL product. As part of our standard sales process, we sent them a thank you gift after they signed the proposal --a box of champagne truffles.

They called today with some service questions and thanked us for the gift. They went on to fill me in on what they do with vendor gifts: Each time a “treat” comes from a vendor they hold a company-wide employee drawing. So one lucky person wins each time!

What a clever and simple way to team build. Everyone gets to participate, all employees get an introduction to vendors that support them, and all employees hear about projects or purchases that are underway.

Kudos to our friends in the HR and Payroll department at Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency.  

Each day, Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency touches the lives of countless low and moderate income families through its housing programs.

OHFA operates in all 77 Oklahoma counties, providing assistance that helps families pay rent or purchase their first home. OHFA also works with nonprofit organizations, developers and municipalities. 

(877) 496-1600

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