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Service Pillars in Context: HRMS Migration
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by: John Burke

Our 18 Service Pillars outline how everyone on the CS3 Technology team works to interact with all our clients and vendors. I'd like to put a couple of these pillars into context for you. Here are my two favorites, and how I translate them into my daily interactions with you. 

One of my favorite Service Pillars is pillar #6: Focus on Delivering Value.
When we migrate our clients from Abra Suite to Sage HRMS, we’re not just doing it to move them off of Abra. We are seeking to deliver value. This is why we take you through a series of questions in a discovery process to determine your current setup and engineer process improvements.

Another one of my favorite Service Pillars is pillar #3: Demonstrate Success.
Success is always measured against our client’s written objectives and can only be achieved when it is demonstrated to our client. CS3 has “successfully” migrated more than 30 clients so far to the HRMS product. If you’re still on Abra, please take a minute to visit CS3’s HRMS migration hotspot to learn more about the status of the Abra Suite product.

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