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September Employee of the Month - Brandon Cumby
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by: Shawn Slavin


Every month, CS3 recognizes an employee who has demonstrated excellence on or off the job in a way that brings value to CS3, our customers, or the community at large.  We also try to draw a correlation in the actions of the employee to one of more of the 18 Service Pillars that we as a firm believe in so strongly.


For the month of September, 2014, we are proud to recognize Brandon Cumby.   Brandon is a consultant in our ERP practice and also happens to the be both the newest and youngest member of the CS3 team.


During 2014, through the MDA Team Momentum program, Brandon has been working with a group of individuals in his hometown of Dallas, Texas, helping them prepare to run their first half marathon.  For those of you who are not runners, a marathon is a minimum of 26.2 miles in length.  A half marathon is just that, half of a marathon or 13.1 miles.  As we say down south, that’s a ‘Fer piece!’


In his role of coaching, Brandon has chosen to accompany many of his runners when they participate in their first.  For some of his runners, that meant the 2014 Michelob Ultra Boson 13.1, held in Boston, Massachusetts on September 14, 2014.  True to his word, Brandon flew to Boston to support a number of runners in the MDA Team Momentum program from Dallas and around the country.


Brandon’s assigned job at the event was to monitor and assist runners by being the team “Course Sweeper”; supporting and encouraging team runners struggling to finish.  He worked with multiple runners, helping provide encouragement and motivation.  Towards the very end of the pack, Brandon found one of his runners struggling to keep pace with the pack.  As with most races, there is a time element to the race and race organizers are compelled to remove those runners who are struggling to finish within a reasonable time.  Brandon’s charge had the unenviable honor of being one of those souls.  As she struggled to move through the course, she was being encouraged to discontinue the race.  However, struggling though she was, she was determined to “finish this race”.  “Time be damned, I just want to finish!”


Brandon, having prepared for this by studying before the race, was familiar with the rules run and worked with both the runner and race officials to allow her to continue.  Brandon and another coach ran the remaining portion of the race, side by side with the runner.  At first, they found they had to fend off race officials trying to keep the pace.  However, half way through the course, the chase crew became an impromptu cheering section.  The runner not only was able to finish the race, but did so with a police escort, and several fans who jumped in to encourage the runner through the trial.


Looking at the race results, one can see our Brandon Cumby crossing the finish line immediately before his charge and the second coach finishing immediately behind. 


By being a coach, running with his students, and standing in the gap to help one of his charges achieve her personal goal, Brandon personified a number of CS3 Pillars.


  1.   * Demonstrate Success – Brandon showed through his compassion, how to stay the course, even when things were difficult.
  2.   * Engage in Knowledge Transfer – By volunteering to be a coach, Brandon willingly shared his passion, knowledge, and experience in running with his students.
  3.   * Focus on Delivering Value – I am sure there is no doubt in his students mind that Brandon brought value to her experience in Boston!
  4.   * Make the Client Look Good – Brandon worked to help race officials recognize the difference in a quitter and a committed sole on her rookie run.
  5.   * Know Your Audience – Brandon was able to appropriately assess the runners commitment to her goal and help supported her in reaching it.
  6.   * Communicate – I am certain that there was a lot of communication going on throughout that run!
  7.   * Under Promise, Over Deliver – Brandon not only ran his section of the race multiple times but then completed the race, running at another runners pace, all to help another runner!


Brandon, all of us at CS3 are better for having you on our team and we salute your commitment to your students and your sport.


May the road always rise to meet you.  May the wind be always at your back.  And may the Spirit of service remain with you all the days of your life.



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