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September AMA Meeting: Smirk New Media
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The programming team with the Tulsa AMA chapter never disappoints me. September’s speaker was just brilliant… a very practical way. Mike Koehler, CEO and founder of Sm:rk New Media share some great strategies for social media and he was funny to boot!

His first Rule, actually his rule zero is: All Rules Are Subject to Change, especially with social media. He emphasized that we must certainly get out of the 2010 mentality that social media is a secondary thought of your marketing plan. He shared that in Oklahoma alone over 2.4 million people are on Facebook, basically everyone over the age of 15. Additionally, consumers spend about 3 hours daily on some social media platform. So if you want to engage with your customer, it is not that hard to find where they are “hanging out.”

Mike really emphasized the value of paying for boosts in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They are typically very low cost campaigns and have been yielding great responses with this clients because they allow you to target your audience. However, the key to engagement will always be in your message. People want to know what make you great. They want information about you and why you are different. They want to know about your passion and your knowledge. So the content you present on any of the social media platforms is critical.

If you are looking for a coach and a true business partner, I would highly recommend Mike Koehler and his firm.

Also, I think this company name and logo are just too clever so here is a picture of his business card:


Smirk New Media

As always, if you want to come to an AMA meeting, just let me know and I will buy your lunch. How about October 15th?

(877) 496-1600

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