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Self Service Please?
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by: Scott Kroh

Does your human resources and payroll software have employee self-service suite functionality? Meaning, can employees access their employee information via either an Intranet or the Internet to view both payroll and benefit data? Things like viewing or printing an image of their pay check stub, confirming available paid time off (PTO)for a planned vacation, access to a copy of their W-2 for tax preparation and the ability for them to review insurance deductions when contemplating decisions about the next open enrollment period.

If not, there are several great reasons to considering implementing an employee self-service suite (ESS). The first is time savings associated by eliminating requests from employees for payroll and benefits data. Depending on the size of your company, requests by employees for things like W-2s and check stubs could occur daily meaning numerous hours being spent pulling, printing and copying documents. Once an ESS suite has been implemented, employees can now access their information for tax preparation, income verification if applying for a mortgage or as mentioned above giving them the ability to quickly verify available PTO, so that they can make their reservation for that holiday cruise.

In addition to the time you will save human resources staff on such requests there is an added benefit – happy employees. In a way, giving employees ease of access to their information provides for a greater work experience. It shows that as an employer you want your employees to experience less stress when having to access information which shows that they “matter”.

Return on investment for the employer and a greater user experience for the employee. It’s a win win!!

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