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Security Updates for My Workforce Analyzer
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Good news for those of you that were not thrilled about having to allow access to the Master user group to utilize the My Workforce Analyzer program! The Sage 2016 Quarter 1 for both Abra Suite and HRMS update includes a new user security setting that was added to the User Security setup window so that any user could be provided with access.

Upon installing this update, all users in the Master User Security Group will automatically continue to have access to MWA. However, all other existing users and new users added to the system will default without access.

To add access: 

  • First verify the Group Security is set to show My Workforce Analyzer in the Quick launch toolbar - (Setup > System > Group Security).
  • Next, open User Security for the user who needs to use My Workforce Analyzer (), and 
  • Select Yes next to Allow Access to MWA
  • If you currently added users to the Master User Group for MWA, simply change them back to the group you prefer and then verify that MWA is allowed Access in that group.


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