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Scissortail HCM: Verifying Social Security Numbers
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Verifying employee Social Security Numbers (SSN) during the hiring process is a good business practice for a number of reasons:


    1. Verifies you have the correct name, date of birth, and SSN for employees
    2. Successful W-2 match process is more likely when you are processing your annual wage report submission
    3. Saves processing costs and reduces the number of W-2cs because you were correct the first time
    4. Provides accurate employee wage records which makes employee future Social Security benefits easier to determine


As each new hire is added to your system, verifying the employee’s Social Security Number ensures you have the most accurate data for W-2s and employees. Scissortail HCM has a built in Social Security Number Verification that utilizes the Social Security Administration’s Social Security Verification System (SSVNS). Inside Scissortail HCM, on an employee record you can click a button to launch the service quickly. The service will send the employee’s SSN, Name, and Date of Birth. The service will let you know if the employee record was: verified, failed, or indicated as deceased. If the record fails, it will give you the reason for the failure. This feature will help ensure accurate data and save time and effort in the long run.


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