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Scissortail HCM: Compensation Module
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It’s that time of year again - Merit increases! Is there another time when so much data is driven either by paper forms or spreadsheets being emailed around the company? How can we work together to get all the pay increase data pulled together and updated in our HR and payroll systems? You need a tool that all the managers and HR/Payroll can use at the same time that will update the employee record with the change on the date you want it.

Using Scissortail HCM’s Compensation Management allows you to configure a workflow for how you want your compensation project to go that seamlessly integrates into the employee record. There are default and configurable workflows that will help reduce compensation administration complexity and streamline notifications and approvals. You will be able to set up the workflow that you want fast and with ease — using a screen like the one below. This system allows you to define a name, type, start and end dates, the process manager, and the employee type to be included, such as hourly or salaried. This will enable you to make better compensation decisions and more equitable decisions across the organization.

Imagine having a tool with the workflow and rules you want and the visibility to see the changes being requested! No need to imagine…take a look at the Compensation Management from Scissortail HCM.

Compensation Cycle Setup


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