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Saving Templates in BizInsights
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Do you find yourself, constantly searching network directories for the BizInsights Excel files that you have created for financial statements reporting? Well, search no more. BizInsights gives you the ability to store those files as templates which will allow them to always be accessible with through drag and drop from the BizInsight Explorer window. Once you have created the template that will be used, you will need to save it as an Excel Template file type (.xlt or .xltx) in the Templates folder within the BizInsights shared directory. If you are prompted to clear external data click No. Then, from within the BizInsights Explorer window, right click on the Templates folder and choose “Insert”. Next, right click on the New Node and choose “Properties” Within the Properties window, enter the information for the Drop Event, Formula, and Description fields •Drop Event – {BizTemplate} •Formula – Filename.xltx Note: If the Excel template was not saved in the Template folder in the BizInsights Shared directory, the full file path will need to be included here. •Description – The description of your choice to be shown in the BizInsights Explorer window Finally, click on the Save Changes to BizInsights Explorer Now, the template will always be accessible from the BizInsighst Explorer window to simply drag and drop into Excel.

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