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Sage Summit 2014 HRMS Announcements
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By: Gary Crouch

We just completed a great conference by Sage Software.  The main theme for Summit 2014, and indeed for the organization is to strive to be the best support organization of the Small to Medium business.  They fully admit they are not there yet, but announced several initiatives to move them closer to their goal.  Here are a few short descriptions of some of the news.

Sage Abra Suite – It lives!  While Sage is no longer selling the Sage Abra Suite product, thousands of customers still rely on the product for their HRIS and payroll processing needs.  Sage is committed to supporting the product for the foreseeable future.  There will come a time when the product releases of operating systems from Microsoft will make Abra Suite’s underlying FoxPro database obsolete.  But, until that time comes Abra Suite will remain a true workhorse.

Sage HRMS – If your organization sees its HRIS and payroll systems as mission critical, and demand the latest technology tools for greater reliability and dependability then Sage HRMS is in your future.  The migration from Sage Abra Suite to Sage HRMS was a popular topic.  The vast majority of feature gaps have been closed between the products.  Additionally, Sage HRMS has many features never included in Abra Suite.  As a bonus, the balancing and closing routines in the Microsoft SQL based product are much more efficient saving hours in maintenance time each quarter and year-end.  With the experience garnered by multiple migrations, the processes to move from the legacy product has matured and has become more efficient allowing time to truly improve processes with the newer system.

The most exciting news is the plethora of new products which extend the usefulness of these HRIS systems.  The following products can be added to your system and provide the “best of breed” utility rarely found in one place.

    Sage Time Collection – a mature time collection system which seamlessly integrates with your HRMS system.  The ability to select a multitude of options allows the system to meet your time data gathering needs as well as any product on the market.  And, it was built to take advantage of Sage payroll products and the data already maintained in your system.


  • Sage CyberRecruiter – the ability to post job listings and collect applicant information is just the beginning.  This web based product includes communications within your organization as well as with applicants as your team locates the new resources your organization needs to continue its growth.



  • Sage CyberTrain – retaining employees is enhanced by helping them grow their knowledge and skills.  This web based product tracks not only the training completed, but also tracks the type of training needed to achieve new levels of job qualification.  The communication of available classes, deadlines and class completions all combine to keep your employees reaching their goals and increasing their job satisfaction.



  • Sage HR Actions – workflow processing is the backbone of every organization.  This product allows you to create your own forms, store them for employee and manager use and define the levels of review and notification which is required for the completion of each form.  In addition, the system monitors and notifies your employees when their attention is needed to keep the information flowing while presenting them with the information needed to make decisions.



  • Sage Knowledgesync – while this product is not new, it is integral in providing HR with a complete system of interactive information.  The product provides automated review of your data.  When specific data is noted, or when processes and/or timeframes are completed, the system can notify the appropriate persons or provide reports to those who require live data.  The ability to stay informed becomes automatic with Sage Knowledgesync.

If you would like additional information regarding any of these great HRMS products, let us know how we can help.

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