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Sage HRMS - Sage Payroll Tax Forms and eFiling by Aatrix
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Aatrix is the only option for customers using Sage HRMS 2012 Payroll. Aatrix is integrated into the HRMS product (select Help, Register for eFiling), and allows you to complete, print, and efile your tax forms directly from within Sage HRMS. The following are some of the benefits in using Aatrix for your year-end needs:

  • Process and file W-2's with Federal and State agencies
  • Online access of W-2's to employees
  • Deliver W-2's to employees
  • Save time by eliminating the need to create reports manually

Aatrix guarantees 100% compliance and assumes responsibility for every filing received on time.

Federal Reports & Payments

State Reports & Payments

States Reported

941 (Every Quarter)

Wage Withholding Reports

940 (Annually)

Withholding Payments

New Hire (All New Employees)

SUI Reports

941 Payments (Large Companies 52+/yr)

SUI Payments (Quarterly/State)

All 50 States

940 Payments (Quarterly)

New Hire (All New Employees)

All 50 States

Approximately 250 Federal and State tax forms are supported in Aatrix including payroll reports and for Canada the T4 and Record of Employment (ROE). To access tax forms in HRMS, select Reports>Payroll>Government Reports, and for Canadian forms, Report>Canadian Payroll>Government Reports.

Before you can use Aatrix Importer in Sage HRMS, you must register.

*** Note: If EIN is different for multiple companies, you must file each company separately.





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