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TYPro's September Update
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by: Christina Crouch

The Arts and Entertainment Crew Meeting was packed full of a lot of great things happening in Tulsa right now! The goal of TYPros is to help promote Tulsa as a great destination to live and work for young professionals. Each of the crews focus on a different aspect of Tulsa to keep building our city up.  

If you haven’t heard of the NEXT/NOW Fashion Show, click this link to get tickets! It will be at the Mayo Hotel on Thursday, October 1st. NEXT/NOW features the best of Tulsa’s designers, and the collections this year are inspired by local music artists.

This Friday is the 100th First Friday Art Crawl. If you head downtown to the Brady Arts District, you just might see me in a volunteer t-shirt, directing foot traffic. It will be packed, but there will be a lot of great things going on, music to hear, and art to see!

If you’re interested in seeing the 10th Annual Boomtown Awards, get your tickets soon. It will be held at the Fair Grounds in the Pavilion, and Tulsa's best will show up. The Awards will honor those in Tulsa who have promoted TYPro's mission. 

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