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​Sage HRMS Last Quarter Updates for 2015 and 2016 - Important Updates
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Sage has announced in the first quarter that they will stop issuing quarter updates for both version 2015 and version 2016 before the end of 2017. Below is a table from the Release Notes showing the quarter update schedule.

Sage Release Notes

Note: You can get to the HRMS Product Documents from inside Sage HRMS by going to Help > Product Documents > Sage HRMS 2017 > Product Release Notes and Installation and Setup 

We have installed v2017 on test machines here and at a few customer sites. I have seen multiple customers install the update themselves. We have only seen one customer have an installation issue. The customer was able to roll back to v2015, and CS3 is scheduled to help them with the upgrade. We have seen a reduction in the number of errors that we saw in v2016. I am not promising they are all gone, but hopefully you all will see a reduction in errors also.

Customers running v2015: 
- If you are currently on v2015, you do not need to upgrade to v2016; you can go directly to v2017
- You need to be on v2017 before the end of Q3

Customers running v2016: 
- You need to be on v2017 before the end of Q4

Upgrading to v2017 is only slightly more complicated than a quarter update. Please review the Release Notes for v2017 for details of what is involved in updating. If you have questions about the update, you can contact support from the URL: If you want CS3 to help you with the upgrade you can reach out to the CS3 team through you Client Success Manager, Jessica Morency ( or 918-388-9764).

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