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Sage HRMS Helps with Employee Retention
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By:  Sheri Blaho


Is your employee turnover too high?  There are many things you can do to focus on employee satisfaction and retention programs.  A very simple idea is to remind your staff about their full benefit package on a routine basis.  Your employees compensation is much more than salary:  vacation, 401K match, health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance to name the most common. 


Sending a letter  to your employees a couple of times a year detailing all the benefits that are paid on behalf of each person can be quite the eye opener.  If you are using any good HR software package, this kind of letter should be included with the standard reports.


Chris Luttrell, Queen of Fun at CS3 Technology, just posted a great video tip. that details how to generate these letters using Sage Abra or Sage HRMS.  Check out her video:



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