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This alert applies to all Sage HRMS customers on versions 7.8, 7.9, 9.0 and 9.1. FSOC Rate Continuation Congress has approved a continuation of the Social Security rate of 4.2% through the end of 2012. Customers who changed the FSOC End Date manually in the System Tax Tables will need to do the following: •From the menu bar, select Rules > Payroll > System Tax Tables •Click on the FSOC code and choose "More" •Go to the last line with an effective date of 01/01/2012 •Change the End Date to 12/31/2099 •Verify the Tax Percent is 4.200 PA Act 32 This section applies to Sage Abra Suite v9.0 and v9.1. With the release of SR2 for the Q4 2011 Product Updates, Sage Abra Suite now creates an electronic file of your PSD codes, tax amounts, and wage bases for Monthly and Quarterly filing. The file produced with SR2 adheres to the Keystone Collections Group electronic media format. Many collection agencies support a CSV format and details for each file are available online at the links supplied. 'PA Act 32 Product Update' (posted 02/28/2012) is now available for versions 9.07.48 and 9.11.13 containing the PSD collection agencies listed below. • BerkheimerCentaxKeystoneLancasterJordanCapitalSouthwest Regional Tax Bureau Note: You must be on either version 9.07.48 or version 9.11.13 (Product Update SR2) before applying 'PA Act 32 Product Update'. You can check your version by going to Help > About Sage Abra Suite from the menu bar. For the collection agencies listed below, customers must create a custom solution for paper reporting or electronic filing. • PA Lite (York, Blair, Cumberland, and Lycoming)Warren CountyKeystone Central School DistrictMifflinBerksState CollegeSage will be offering a Crystal Report to assist in the creation of CSV files using the Crystal Export function to create a file to support PA Lite. Section 125 Code DD Sage Abra Suite Q4 2011 Payroll Update provided you with the ability to define the data items needed for accurate tracking and reporting of employer-provided healthcare. Choosing 'Section 125 Code DD' as a Deduction Type inadvertently causes any Deduction set to exclude Section 125 to now include the deduction as the DD code is not seen as a Section 125 type. Changing the Deduction Type back to 'Section 125 Contributions' will allow other deductions to resume subtracting the deduction amount. Prior to 2012 year end, Sage will correct the application and allow for the 'Section 125 Code DD' to be selected for accurate W2 reporting for the entire calendar year 2012 A product update is available for Sage Abra Suite v7.8 or v7.9. If you are on Abra Suite v9.0 or v9.1 or do not process payrolls in the state of Oregon, please disregard this section. Electronic File Specification Changes for Tax Year 2011 for Oregon: •Contact Phone Number on the RA record •State Employer Account on the RS record Note: The Sage Abra Suite V7.8/7.9 Product Update dated 02/20/2012 will need to be installed prior to creating the Oregon State electronic file. If the file has been created prior to installing the product update, you will need to recreate the Electronic File.

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