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Sage Abra Suite Product Update for Q3 2012 is now available on the Sage Customer Portal . This Product Update only applies to Sage Abra Suite v9.0x or v9.1x. Our final product update for Sage Abra Suite version 7.8x or 7.9x was provided in Q1 2012. Customers will need to upgrade to Sage HRMS 9.1 to receive future product updates, including tax legislation changes. Customers who do not process payrolls, please take special note that there are HR updates incorporated with this Q3 2012 Product Update. HR and Payroll Updates included in this Product Update:
  • Improved Performance Following Payroll and Check Printing
  • HR VETS-100 Reporting
  • New File Types Supported for Employee Photos
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Federal Updates
  • State and Local Tax Updates
  • For Sage Employee Self Service (Sage ESS) users currently running Sage Abra Suite Version 9.1x, a separate product update is now available on the Customer Portal: “ESS Only Product Update v9.10 - Q3 2012”. To download your Sage HRMS product update:
  • Prior to installation, back up your Sage Abra Suite data folder using your external backup procedure. Make sure all users have exited Sage Abra Suite before beginning the backup and installation.
  • Visit the Sage Customer PortalEnter your Logon Id and Password (or sign up for a new portal logon)
  • Select Payroll Tax Updates on the home page
  • Select the Product Update download (To verify your current version of Sage Abra Suite, the Logon screen will display the current version or within the Help menu select About Sage Abra Suite)
  • Right click and 'Save Target As' to click Open and extract the files to a location other than your Sage Abra Suite directory -- preferably a temporary directory.
  • Unzip the files into that new directory
  • Double-click the file executable file, and follow the instructions on the screen to update the server.
  • After the server update is installed, click Finish.
  • Make another backup of the Sage Abra Suite Data folder using your external backup procedure. (This ensures that you have a backup of the new version of the software.)
  • Open the Sage Abra Suite client software
  • Launch the Sage Abra Suite client. The client will automatically start upgrading.
  • When the upgrade is finished, click OK to the message "You have installed a new version of Sage Abra Suite and your files must be updated."
  • When the backup is complete and after the client update is complete, update the System Tax Tables.
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