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Sage Cyber Recruiter - What's Hot for Applicant Tracking
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By:  Sheri Blaho

The first thing a prospective employee sees about your company is your website.  The second is the page where they will apply for a job.  The application experience is an important one that will set the stage for the entire recruiting, interviewing, negotiation and hiring process.

Tools like Sage Cyber Recruiter allow you to WOW! the applicant from the first impression through the entire hiring process.  As an applicant, I will have an experience that will allow me to easily answer application questions, upload my resume and communicate with the hiring staff.

The recruiting staff will have tools that will expedite the screening and interviewing process.  So each candidate will receive immediate emails informing them of their status, appointments and other required information.

Because the entire hiring team will have access to all the applicant information, the candidate will not have to answer redundant questions or supply information multiple times.  Interviews will flow smoothly and each interviewer along the process will see exactly how the candidate is progressing.

When the offer is ready to be issued, Sage Cyber Recruiter will notify the candidate providing a full packet.  Upon acceptance, the candidate is simply converted to full employee status within Sage HMRS with all appropriate demographic, educational, and background information populated as the first components of the permanent employee file.

Sage Cyber Recruiter is the first module in the Sage Hire to Retire Portfolio.  You should check out this Sneak Preview demo

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