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Sage Abra: What's the Real Story?
Published on by Sheri Blaho in Human Resources, White Papers


Do I have to move from Sage Abra? – Yes, eventually. Abra has not yet been retired, but the writing is on the wall and the ending to the story is pretty clear based on these three facts:

  1. Sage no longer sells the Sage Abra product to new clients.
  2. Sage has pricing concessions in place for Abra clients to encourage the adoption of the new Sage HRMS product.
  3. Sage is no longer investing in product enhancements to Abra Suite. Development for Abra is limited to compliance requirements only.
If I don’t move from Sage Abra, what are the risks? Abra operates on the Microsoft FoxPro Database engine. Support for that database was dropped by Microsoft in January 2015. Obviously your software has continued to run. But your firm has now moved into higher risk areas and has some constraints you need to consider.


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