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Sage Abra to Sage HRMS SQL Migration
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Life for Sage Payroll Clients Just Got MUCH Easier

By: Jim Scheitauer

After helping a few clients migrate from Sage Abra to the new Sage HRMS program, several of them have commented on a few processes that they liked which made payroll and reporting easier. 

1)      The Human Resources module of the program stays the same so you will continue to use it as you have been accustomed.  All field and screen formats as well as reporting remain the same. Data is migrated in using a wizard.


2)      W hen doing a manual check(s) in HRMS, or On Demand check as we knew it in Abra, you will follow the same process as your regular payroll except that you can select one person or create a selection list of employees (i.e.; bonus run) to include in that payroll process.


3)      E diting payroll history is now simplified. The HRMS system basically uses one file to maintain all the payroll transaction history, unlike Abra which used up to 10 files.  So if there is ever a need to edit transaction history, such as correction to wages, you make the adjustment through HRMS but it is correcting one file and that file is used for all reporting.


4)      And yet more good news.  Quarter End and Year End are much easier in the HRMS system.  There are no more trial and final processes to run and no more balancing several reports. You just use the Aatrix module to generate your reports for filing.  


Let us know if there is anything else you find easier in the HRMS system since your migration from Abra Suite.





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