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Sage Abra Migrations - The time is now!!!!
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By:  Sheri Blaho

2014 was an exciting year for may of our Sage Abra clients.  We have had a huge response for migration projects from Sage Abra to the new Sage HRMS system.   The driving force for many was the fact that support for Microsoft's FoxPro (the engine that Abra is build upon) stopped on 1/15/2015.  

While Sage and CS3 continue to support the Sage Abra product, the clock is ticking.  Sage has made no announcement for the end of life for Abra.  It is a popular product with a huge number of clients that are rocking along with this feature rich tool.  They intend to continue support allowing sufficient time for all Abra clients to migrate to the new Sage HRMS.

The new product is based on Microsoft's SQL platform (the gold standard in software development).  The new version of Sage Payroll has many new features that clients are really appreciating.  Some are outlined in this whitepaper by Brandi Clymer.  I just saw a sneak preview of both the 2015 and 2016 release and there are some FABULOUS features in all the modules  that leverage current technology. 

If you are still on Sage Abra, you can expect an absolute minimum in product enhancements.  Enhancement will be limited to tax necessitated events.   You can expect no problems with your software at this point.  Problems with Abra may begin to surface on the next release of Microsoft's operating systems.  They will no longer be testing their releases for compatibility with FoxPro.  For that reason, we recommend that all clients get the migration on radar in 2015.   You should either migrate this year or confirm the budget for a 2016 migration.

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