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by: Sheri Blaho

I recently had an inquiry from a prospective customer that sells telescopes. They wanted to know the best way to handle their multitude of repair parts. Although their parts can be sold separately, it makes logical sense to bundle certain parts together when one is damaged. By sending the broken part and the related bolts, washers, or screws they found that customer satisfaction is much higher. We have all had the experience of beginning a repair only to find out we really should have replaced the part next to the damaged one also. 

Customer happiness is always job one, but kitting also provides the following benefits:

  • 1. Fewer purchase orders
  • 2. Less stocked items
  • 3. Lower inventory carrying costs
  • 4. Reduced space costs (maintenance, utilities, taxes, insurance)
  • 5. Custom kits for high-usage components
  • 6. Repair kits with complete rebuild
  • 7. Critical parts availability

Check out the video I did to show the customer had easily Sage 100 can handle this for you.

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