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Ride with CS3 Team - Tour de Cure 2014
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Come ride with us for American Diabetes Association Fundraiser on May 31! We have 7 riders signed up to ride including 5 employees and 2 friends or family members. To date we have raised $740. Each rider is tasked with raising $200 prior to the event, so at a minimum CS3 will represent $1,400 in fundraising. You can keep track of our standings, make a donation or join our team at CS3 Tour de Cure Team page.


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Each CS3 Team rider will receive a $26 donation from CS3 to help them get started (there 26 million Americans with diabetes). CS3 will also pay your entry fee and give you one of our really cool team shirts. Daniel Blaho of DSB Creativedonated our really cool design again this year for our shirts. In addition, if the CS3 team raises $5,000 the team will receive a matching gift of $2,000 from CS3.


Don’t feel left out if you are not riding, there are other ways in which you may participate. The American Diabetes Association can use assistance on the day of the ride so volunteers are needed. In addition, contributions are also welcome whether for your favorite rider, or for the CS3 team as a whole. And, if you are not in Tulsa, everyone should have a local event in or near your home town.


I believe we can enjoy the effort while doing good! I hope you agree this cause is worth the extra effort. If you have any questions, please let me know. GO TEAM CS3!!!


Brandi Clymer, our team captian, is a "Red Rider". She is one of the 26 million Americans afflicted with this disease. Please show Brandi your support in whatever way works for you.

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