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Restart Maintenance (Restart Maintenance for Sage HRMS)
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by: Jim Scheithauer


Restart maintenance can display useful information to determine which tasks were not completed. You can also delete the record if you decide not to restart or finish the process. For example, if you went into Print/Post Checks and exited without printing, restart maintenance would display this information and allow you to delete it.

Examples of messages you might receive:


You must sign on as the HRMS System Administrator (Master security rights) to have access to restart records. Then follow the below to access Restart Maintenance screen.

From the navigation pane, select Payroll and the Task Restart Maintenance.

Use this dialog box to see the restart records created for companies, system data, and users in your Sage HRMS Payroll Product.

Scroll through the records by clicking the navigation buttons.

Use the information to determine which tasks were not completed. If you fix an error and are able to resume processing, the restart record for that task is automatically deleted from Restart Maintenance or you can delete a record if you decide not to restart the process or if you no longer need the information.

Print the restart records. It is important to print and keep for future reference the records of processes that cannot be resumed.

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