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Reclaiming the Customer Conversation
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The guest speaker at today's American Marketing Association luncheon was Jim Karrh, Ph.D. He is the president of Karrh & Associates. Month over month I am always impressed with the quality of the speakers. Jim set the bar a bit higher for our next guest speaker! Jim shared the value of the customer conversation: not only the salesman conversation, but everyone in your organization. Based on a survey from the book "The Challenger Sale", customer loyalty is driven by the sales experience, which means every touch a prospective client has with anyone on your team. That would include sales rep, consultants, customer service and receptionist. The customers interviewed in this survey said their loyalty was based 9% on perceived value (ROI), 19% on brand, 19% on functionality or service and a whopping 53% on the sales experience. He shared his 5 "C"'s that each firm needs to embrace while learning to build strong conversational skills to use with customers: Comfort - get out of your zone and engage more and differently Consistency - Does your firm have a "voice and a message" that is consistently shared with your customers? Complexity - Be able to literally draw a picture of the problem or the solution Culture - Immerse your team in communicative environment so it is no longer feared Coaching - Get your team some training! This doesn't come naturally to all, but can easily be taught. Jim is also a published author. Check out his books on Of course, you must come to next American Marketing Association, Tulsa Chapter meetings to hear these speakers yourself. I would like to take you as my guest! Give me a buzz.

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