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People Really Matter to the Tulsa City-County Library
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By:  Sheri Blaho

The best part of my job are the amazing clients I get to work with.  I had an enlightening experience yesterday with Gary Cathey of the Tulsa City-County Library.  I called for a scheduled appointment and he answered his phone with "Office of People and Culture, how may I help you?"

I had seen this title on the entrance to his office months ago and it had impressed me then.  But when he answered the phone and I HEARD the words they took on an even stronger meaning for me.  What a nice experience to be referred to as a person, rather than a human (the typical Human Resource label) much more intimate.

Gary and I discussed this philosophy before we went on to our routine business for the day.  The Library made a very conscious decision to recognize all the aspects of services they render to their team members.   Gary shared that they certainly realize the value and investment they have in human capital, as do all organizations.  But, he went on to share that they know they are responsible for much more, especially developing a culture that allows staff to thrive and enjoy their work and careers.

I had read their Vision Statement quite a while back and was struck by their emphasis on everyone reaching his full potential.  They really mean this!  They want this for the clients they serve AND for their employees.

Congratulations to the Department of People and Culture headed up by Shauna McConnell (Chief People & Commission Support Officer) and Gary Cathey.  

CS3 has had the privilege of serving Tulsa City-County Library for over 15 years with their Sage Abra and Sage HRMS software.  

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