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Organizing Tasks with Personal Folders in Sage 100
Published on by Steve Benway in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), White Papers



For some new users, the Sage 100 ERP (MAS90/200) menu can seem a little daunting – so many modules, so many possible tasks.

However, most users don’t realize that they can create their own individualized “My Tasks” menu. The process is simple and very quick:
  • 1. Click on “My Tasks” in the Sage 100 Tasks window.
  • 2. Right click anywhere in the white space and select New > Public (or Private) Folder.

  • 3. Right-click on the New Folder and select rename.

  • 4. Right click on the renamed folder and select New > Task (or Program). You can then add a link to any Sage 100 task, or to any program that resides that your computer has access to.

  • 5. One quick tip – once the task is added to the My Tasks menu folder, you can right-click on the task and rename it to something else, which comes in handy particularly in the case of adding Invoice Data Entry, as that is the name of the task in both AR and AP.

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