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On-Prem, SaaS, or Outsourcing - Which is the Best Option for Me?
Published on by John Burke in Human Resources, White Papers


Let’s start with definitions. On-premises software (sometimes abbreviated as "on-prem") is installed and runs on computers in the facility of the person or organization using the software, rather than at a remote facility, such as at a server farm or cloud - somewhere on the Internet. 

Off-premises software is commonly called “software as a service” (SaaS). Software as a service (SaaS) is a licensing and delivery model in which software is purchased on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It is sometimes referred to as "on-demand software" or “computing in the cloud”. SaaS is typically accessed by users via a web browser.

Outsourcing or “business processing as a service” (BPaaS) involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business process to a third-party service provider.

Many business owners, HR and payroll professionals interviewed raise the same question when we discuss HR and payroll software: Do we choose an on-premises solution or a SaaS solution or should we outsource?

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