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Off to Acumatica Summit Annual Conference
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By Sheri Blaho:


CS3 is making a big investment in the Acumatica Cloud Accounting software.  Shawn Slavin and I will be at the Denver conference for the entire week.  Gary Crouch will be attending the first two days which is the open conference sessions.  Darrell Scott will be joining us for the last three days to get some specific technical training.


We decided to add Acumatica to our portfolio several months ago.  We think the flexibility of the browser based software's' ability to be hosted in the cloud or run on the clients' own server meets all our customer expectations:

    *  Current Technology

    *  Rich Features with strong analytical tools

    *  SaaS option for those wanting to have Acumatica assume all infrastructure and associated maintenance needs.

    *  On-Premises option for those concerned about exercising full control and immediate access


Keep an eye open this week, as I will be issuing blogs daily about the happenings at the event and what is new with the Acumatica product.


Of course, you can check out their information at the Acumatica webwsite.

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