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Not So SaaS? Say Goodbye to Service Packs and Upgrades
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by: Scott Kroh


In recent years the SaaS (Software as a Service) model has gained greater acceptance by many companies both large and small. If you talk to today’s IT professional, most organizations have at least considered a hybrid approach when considering the adoption of either on premises or SaaS applications.

A good example of this is where many corporations have moved from owning an application like Microsoft’s Exchange and opting to move to a cloud based SaaS model like Microsoft Office 365.

So the question arises, “Why move some of your business applications to a SaaS model?” One great reason is no more upgrades or service packs. With the traditional on premise software model, you can expect support for the most current version to end about thirty-six months after release. This means upgrading your application every three years and paying your reseller a substantial fee to conduct the upgrade.

Because a SaaS application is maintained in the software publishers data center, all service packs and upgrades are seamless and already included in the yearly fees. Consider this, with the fact that there is no down time while waiting for a completed upgrade, means reduced costs and more up time.

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