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New Kid on the Block at CS3
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By:  Christina Crouch

I guess you could call me the “new kid.” While I have been an intern previously, I am now a full-time employee - with the business cards to prove it! My name is Christina, though I also answer to Tina. Since I will be doing quite a bit of writing from here on out, I might as well get to it, right? For my first blog, I was asked to write what I know about CS3 so far.

Here are 5 things I know about CS3 Technology:

  • 1. I know that CS3 has prioritized knowledge - both through the encouragement for the continuous learning of employees as well as teaching clients what they need to know about their products.

  • 2. I know that CS3 has some of the smartest, hardest-working people around. We have consistently been recognized by multiple organizations and publications for this reason.


  • 3. I know that CS3 represents both Acumatica and Sage, who provide software products including accounting, distribution, payroll, HR management, and healthcare financial management tools.

  • 4. I know that CS3 has also prioritized value, and bringing it to customers. From developing STAT-Connect, a tool that connects patient billing systems with expenses in the client's accounting system, to designing a fantastic support plan for diagnostic calls, CS3 is on top of making sure their clients get what they need.

  • 5. I know that CS3 will be a fantastic place to work, as I help make order from chaos for all their clients!

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