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Navigating Multiple Companies in Sage 100 ERP
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darrell insert Here is a tip that I think is really cool for you Sage 100 users (formerly known as MAS 90/200). Here is the scenario: you work all day every day in Company A, but on that rare occasion, you need to inquire or process a transaction in Company B. Easy right? Just go down to the bottom left corner where Company A is listed, double click, open Company B, do your business, then change back to Company A. Oops, you forget to change back to Company A and get halfway through your next task before you figure it out. Delete, delete, delete. Change companies and start over. Here’s a better, faster way. Don’t change companies. Just go to the menu for the task you need to do, say Customer Maintenance. RIGHT CLICK and pick the option “Open in New Secondary Company,” pick Company B and there you are. Company A is still the active company for the next task you open. Customer Maintenance is the only window opened in Company B. You can pre-set the secondary company, to make it even simpler. Change the Secondary Company, then when you right click one of the options will be to open the task in Company B. And you probably knew this already, but you can have the same program open in Company A and Company B (and C and D and…) at the same time, side by side. That can be handy.

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