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My Workforce Analyzer: Helps with ACA Reporting
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By: Chris Luttrell, Client Account Manager and Queen of Fun


Two of our clients recently signed up for the new Sage My Workforce Analyzer tool.  They are still in the VERY beginning stages of getting it going so I’m anxious to hear how they like it.


My Workforce Analyzer uses real time data from Sage HRMS or Sage Abra Suite and displays everything in an easy to use dashboard format, letting you make the best decisions for your company.  According to Sage, some of the great things they will be able to do are:

*  Carefully monitor the hours worked by their part-time workforce to avoid penalties
*  Watch measurement periods and stay ahead of when they need to offer benefits to employees
*  Model scenarios that fit their business financial needs; offer benefits, don't offer benefits, adjusting employee/employer contributions
*  And more!


Let me know if you need more information.   

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