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My First HRSouthwest Conference
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by: Christina Crouch


I went to my first HRSouthwest Conference this October 25th - 28th. It is held in Fort Worth, Texas as the regional human resources conference for the US. There was definitely a lot going on, from more than 100 educational sessions to networking events and lots of time at the CS3 booth in the marketplace. I may be hard-pressed to find anything that topped the puppy cuddling station - it was a few aisles over from our booth so I had to cuddle a few puppies - but it was a pretty great experience overall.


I drove down to Fort Worth with the booth setup, and met up with Chris, Mary Anne, and Holly. I have the least product knowledge out of the team, so I learned a lot by listening to them talk with people who came up to talk about our products. Of course, getting to talk with a team that has so much knowledge is definitely one of the main benefits of working with Team CS3. 


As the social media coordinator, one of my main jobs was to keep our Facebook and Twitter streams full of #HRSWC posts. I met a few of the other vendors through interactions on social. I was definitely a fan of how social HRSouthwest was! I also enjoyed getting to work with all the ladies that work out of Texas, instead of the Tulsa office. It was also great being able to speak with people who had a need that CS3 could address, and meet other young HR professionals at a few networking events.


And if anyone came by our booth during the conference, I'm sure you remember: CS3 Technology creates order from chaos with software, strategy, and skills!    

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