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My 7 Favorite Things About Scissortail HCM
Published on by Brandi Clymer in CS3 Technology, Human Resources, White Papers


I wanted to review some of my favorite features of Scissortail HCM. Scissortail HCM is a SaaS cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) system that will help you manage all aspects of the entire employee lifecycle.


#1 - Single Database

Throughout Scissortail HCM, the system uses one database for a holistic view of your employees from pre-hire to retire. This includes everything from recruiting, onboarding, performance management, compensation planning, time & attendance, scheduling, payroll, and etc. Having only one database is advantageous for employees, managers and system administrators; it means one truth as opposed to having disparate databases with different versions of the truth. You only enter data once, which means no duplicate data entry. Once you enter something, it stays with that employee throughout their lifecycle. Because it is one database you do away with disparate sources of informationand are left with one single employee record across the application regardless of which system options you choose. This also allows the user interface to have a consistent look and feel since it is one unified platform throughout the system.


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